Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Companies, Same Commercial

While browsing through electric vehicle commercials, I found something very interesting.

I landed on a website of an automobile company, Renault Z.E., which I had not recognized and decided to do a bit of exploring ... And what better way to do that than watching videos!  Only seconds after watching a commercial, I immediately thought to myself, "Nissan Leaf!"

Check out these two commercials and see for yourself...

My first thought was, "Which company copied the other?"  Both commercials had the same concept but were two different car companies!

So I did my research .... Apparently Renault and Nissan has an alliance.  No one copied the other, they work together! I checked out both company's YouTube channel and found that both of the videos were uploaded on the same day.  However, the Nissan Leaf commercial got way more views (2,007,165) compared to the Renault Z.E. (359,820).

Although Renault and Nissan has an alliance with each other, I felt like this was not a very good marketing tactic ... It somewhat caused a little confusion for me...

What are your thoughts about these two different companies implementing the same concept into their commercials (which looks exactly the same)?

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you on being somewhat confused. The commercials for both Renault and Nissan look identical. I feel that the concept was a good idea in trying to market the electric cars, but even though the two companies have an alliance, they both should have changed up the commercials so that it looks like two separate companies instead of it looking like one company.