Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The top 10 ugliest electric cars

Everyone knows electric cars are better for the environment, and that the government always try to give people incentives to get them to buy electric cars. In Norway the government gives you free parking, free pass through a toll both, you can drive in the taxi lanes and many other incentives. All of these things are great, but I still have to admit that most electric cars still look exceptionally unattractive. At least when you are designing an electric car you can at least try to make it look decent! That is why I have made a chart of the top 10 most ugly electric cars I could find.

10. Xebra, China

Fil:"Zap" Concept Car.JPG

This is an chinese electric car, who actually has a zebra pattern. It's a funny car but I could never own a car like this and drive it around the streets.

9. Buddy, Norway


This is the norwegian car Buddy, who is said to be a good 2. car for the family. I have seen worse, but it still looks like your driving around in a small box. This is the later version of the car, and it looks much better than the earlier versions.

8. Elettrica, Italy

This is mainly a city commuter car, since it designed for those who commute. There are not produced that many cars of this model yet, but they are going to change that. Still, it's not a that ugly car, it's just the shape of it that kinda looks strange. Still wouldn't buy this car if I could choose from every model. 

7. Piaggio Porter, Italy

Fil:MHV Piaggio Porter 01.jpg

Well, don't have to say much about this picture. It's an electric van who looks like it came from the past. It's looks kinda hillbilly or something that hippies would buy.

6. Gem e4, USA/France 

This is just a weired car. Don't know what the designer was thinking. It has a very unique shape, and it also dosn't have doors. It has to be cold driving this around in the winter and especially when its raining. So it's both unusful and not attractive. 

5. Twike, Germany
Fil:Red twike active 01.JPG
This is actually a really funny car. It kind of looks like someone build it at home just for fun. I can't see that it is that good to drive though, but the design is hilarious even if it's not that pretty. The price for this electric car is $35 000, so even if it's funny it's not worth that much!


This car can't be very comfortable to drive in. It looks so small, and is obviously a commute car. This car has acctually a top speed of 120 m.p.h, and cost approximatly $108 000. I would never pay that much for a that small and ugly car.

3. CityEl, Germany

Wow, germans really know how to make funny cars. I can't believe that this is a car, because it's hard to see someone driving around in that. It's looks like a small flat box on wheels, and it's a wonder that thing even gets around. But even if the car is ugly it's still a pretty funny car! So if you want it you have to pay up around $10 000.

2.Citicar, USA

This is actually america's most successful electric car, and I can't believe such a ugly car can be so popular. This has a top speed of 60.m.p.h and became a hit especially during the fuel crisis of the 70s. Even if it's popular, it's still an extremely ugly car. 

1. NmG, USA

This is the winner of the ugliest car contest. No doubt. The designers must have been inspired by a banana when they made this car. If I drove a banana around the streets I would feel so stupid, and I'm wondering if anybody actually buy's this car. This car cost around $30 000, but it's to ugly to be worth it. At least you will  give everyone around you a good laugh and a lot of attention!

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