Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fiat Palio Commercial

This is a funny commercial I found on youtube for Fiat Palio. The guy on the bike is using the Fiat Palio for support in every intersection. The driver obviously doesn't like a biker using his car to get speed and lean on, so he really shows him what he think about bikers in the end.

For those who dont know, Fiat Palio is a small family car produced by Italian automaker Fiat, and as you can see in this video it is not the hottest car you can get on the market. Palio was Fiat's first attempt to build a world car, where they have a slogan that really fits the car. The slogan is "Fiat Palio. Those who drive them, love them". I read some of the reviews of the Fiat Palio, and most of the people who drove it loved the car and said that they never had any problems with the car. That shows that even if it's not an especially pretty car, the owners still love it beacause it's good to drive. And that is exactly what Fiat puts their focus on in the commercial, who is a pretty nice move from them. All in all it's a hilarious commercial that really cracks you up.


  1. Agree - a quite funny commercial with a clear message